from by Jason Jon

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Written in Anyang Seoul Gyeonggi, South Korea
Recorded in an empty room in Las Vegas, Nevada


University at eighteen
No direction a big dream
I was swimming in the good life
Started sinking from drinking baby I lost sight

I’ll never make it on a big screen
That doesn’t’ mean I don’t have big dreams
I think it's cause I'm happy with a simple life don't like routine

When you’re young and you’re foolish
You make mistakes
You get old and you’re tired
And your body breaks
You're never happy with your dreams on hold
Put you love in your heart and you’ll never grow cold

Never grow cold, No no no

I left school when I was twenty-two
Still no direction so I withdrew
And I thought the mountains were the maybe place to be
I booked my a ticket flew towards Colorado hit the sea

Now I flew like an Eagle up in Vail now
I found some trees I found my fresh pow
Spent a year in the mountains with my feet in the snow
And my head in a cloud

I was so young so foolish
I made so many mistakes
A little bit older and now my body, it aches
I can't be happy if I put my dreams on hold
So I keep my love in my heart and never grow old/cold

Young and foolish you make mistakes
You get old and tired and your bhati breaks
And you can never be happy with your dreams on hold
Put your love in your love in your heart and never grow cold

Never grow cold, no no no

I traveled the world just to write this song
But what I was looking for was inside me all along


from Free Parking, released November 1, 2016
Written and performed by Jason Jon




Jason Jon Appleton, Wisconsin

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